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Does it Exist If We Cannot Perceive It?

As humans, we love tangibility— proof. Seeing, touching, hearing, tasting, and smelling brings us comfort and helps us to accept.

Here’s the thing: In our human forms we can only perceive limited ranges of light, sensation, sound, taste, and smell. So, “see it to believe it” doesn’t really work because our perception is finite. There is some generality to the ranges we pick up on, yet we are all bio-individual, so certain humans have more expanded ranges, while others have narrowed ranges. That being said, with focused attention and expanding awareness we all have the possibility to broaden our range of perception.

Let’s take a moment to zoom in on sound and how we perceive it compared to the dolphins’ perception of sound. While humans hear between 20 hz and 18,500 hz (17,500 hz for men), dolphins pick up frequencies from 75 hz to 150,000 hz!

So, we can’t hear everything that dolphins hear. The question becomes, “If it is outside of our range, does it exist?”

For me, it does exist. I may not be able to perceive it here and now, in this exact moment, however, it is there and the possibility and opportunity to apprehend it is as well.

So, how can we expand our range of perception? By living in presence. As we become more and more present, veils lift and we pick up on a greater range of energy.

Interested in increasing your awareness? Reach out to see if BeSound Coaching is for you.

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Hi, my name is Jennifer Kelleher. I am a trained coach, teacher, healer, and facilitator. I created this sacred space to help you create and embody yours. Magic happens when we come in from outside, down from our minds, and settle in the body. Healing, up-leveling, endless possibility and opportunity are a natural byproduct of being in the body and tending to what is present now. I welcome you, and I invite you to explore and reach out for a consultation, session, or sound bath.


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