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Everything in our universe — you, me, the animals and plants, everything physical and invisible — is energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Sound Healing with Crystal Tones alchemy bowls is an extraordinarily effective way to bring a person or group of people into balance and harmony.  Receiving the vibrations of the crystal bowls can produce profound repairing, restoring, revitalizing, and unifying effects on your body’s cells, tissues, organs, and 11 bodily systems.

how can sound heal?


One-on-one sessions are for those looking to heal mental, emotional, and/or physical symptoms, balance, harmonize, and refine their energy, and up-level their lives.

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Personal Healing

Tuning Fork Facials smooth wrinkles, improve circulation, reduce puffiness, brighten complexion, tighten and tone, promote relaxation, balance energy, reduce stress, and ease muscle tension.

Face & Body Rejuvination

Sound Baths are a great way to create alignment and cohesiveness within family units, friend groups, corporate offices, teams, clubs, etc.  Sessions help the individuals of the group move through personal obstacles, while at the same time bringing the collective entity to the same page.

Small & Large Groups

Like an energetic bath for your guests!  Sound Baths are a fantastic way to harmonize a group of people, bringing them all to the same balanced and high-vibrational energetic space.  Creates an atmosphere of flow, ease, and presence.

Special Events & Ceremonies

I work with 19 beautiful and completely unique bowls, hand-picked and assembled into two one-of-a-kind sets:


The Endocrine System is the point at which energy becomes chemistry.  A foundational network of glands, this system sends messages throughout the entire body and plays an integral part in homeostasis (internal balance of bodily systems).  If the endocrine system is acute and functioning properly, the entire body reaps extraordinary benefits!  When we use the bowls to balance and tune at the endocrine level, the entire body falls into sync. 

Especially beneficial for:

  • Growth and Development

  • Homeostasis (Achieving Balance and Harmony in the Body)

  • Regulating Emotional Imbalances and Mood Disorders

  • Regulating Metabolism (Bodily Energy Levels)

  • Regulating Sleep

  • Hormones, Reproduction, and Fertility

  • Body’s Ability to Cope with & Repair from Stress and/or Injury

My Endocrine System Set vibrates at 528 and 440 hz, the frequencies of unconditional love, DNA repair, cognitive development, and belonging.


Take a moment to envision the Milky Way Galaxy:  a spinning, spiraling, milky wheel of energy.  Our bodies, just like the universe, are comprised of spiraling energetic wheels.  Our physicalities contains 12 energetic wheels (4 of which are outside the physical body).  Each of these energetic centers is the root of a specific area of life.  When our chakras are balanced— clear and free of blockages— we experience ease, flow, and expansion of consciousness in that area.  When a chakra is congested or on overdrive, the symptoms appear in our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, and are projected in our lives.

Properly functioning chakras translate to a properly functioning body and life!

The bowls in my chakra set vibrate at 432, 440, and 528 hz.  432 is the frequency of many ancient musical instruments. It is very calming and soothing, promoting feelings of peace, grounded-ness, and wellbeing.  440 is the frequency of music today, promoting cognitive balance and development, and helping you feel immediately at home and comfortable.  528 is the vibration of unconditional love and DNA repair.  There is no vibration higher than love, love entrains all.

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