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hear from past clients


“Jen’s meditations and sound healings are very special and healing indeed!  Jen’s voice is so soothing, and her professional words and guidance in meditation are deep and meaningful.  Before arriving to today’s session, I had a very uncomfortable pain in my upper and middle back.  By the end of the session, between Jen and the crystal bowls, the tension was completely dissolved!  I was very pleasantly surprised, especially since I was scheduled for a long distance flight the same evening.”

Alex's tension in her upper and middle back melted away!

─ Alex

Tricia experienced transcendence connecting with her ancestors and a higher power! 

“I had an amazing experience at the moon ceremony.  You held and guided us through an amazing journey into the soul.  At the end of the guided meditation my ancestors came to me and I felt their love and support.  Spiritually, I felt the power and energy of something higher.  It’s very hard for me to explain, but my body felt light and it felt like I had gone somewhere else.  I become hot and felt such warmth and love.” 

Image by Chua Bing Quan

─ Tricia

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

Karen connected to her mind, body, and soul!

“For a true yoga experience connecting mind, body, and soul, I truly love being a student in Jen’s class.  Along with well defined cues for each pose, she encourages expression of self, and accentuates proper alignment.  Through guided dialogue she is able to bring my soul to great spiritual depths making my whole self feel wonderful and filled with emotion. Many times she incorporates her knowledge of astrology and her love of Mother Earth to foster that connection between body and soul. Each class is a gift.” 

— Karen

Mia received clarity on a reoccurring message!

“Last night’s heartfelt full moon energy circle was really magical and powerful.  It was an ancient tribal experience for me as I sat in a circle with divine feminine energy sisters under the bright full moon.  You guided us through a mesmerizing journey, steering us to the core of who we really are, aligning our chakras and removing any remnants of negative energy that do not belong in our physical/energetic shell.  You had us focus on our intentions and breathe them in on a cellular level.  Last night, I was prepared to share my own intention, but last minute I chose to pull a moon card.  I was stunned with the card I received.  A certain message that I had been avoiding (I had received the message before) came through loud and clear.  I will work on the message and my spiritual homework.  After I came home, I fell into a light filled sleep cradled in a hammock of a beautiful tropical garden, as waterfalls gushed all around, and angles surrounded me.  Thank you.”

Image by Igor Son

— Mia

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