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“The body is sacred, and has depths far beyond the mind’s comprehension.”


The Ceremony was founded by Jennifer Kelleher, a trained coach, teacher, healer, and facilitator. Her ever-deepening areas of training and expertise include mindfulness, meditation, manifestation, energy healing, sound healing, breath-work, yoga, pilates, astrology, nourishment/nutrition, and spirituality. Through the offerings found in this sacred space, Jennifer intends to guide others to embody their greatness.


I spent many years chronically fatigued, stressed and anxious, tangled in a sticky web of thoughts and detrimental self-talk, addicted to one thing or another as a means to try to cope.  I had a tough time focusing.  I would fall asleep almost immediately after picking up a book or putting on a movie.  I was dragging myself through life, and at the time, I didn’t even realize change was an option.


And then, came a huge awakening.


In an instant, and then another one after that, and so on and so forth, veils began to lift from in front of my awareness.  I began to see things from a whole new perspective, and started on my own journey of self-healing and wholeness, which is what has landed me here today!


Through it, I discovered firsthand that feeling great, being balanced and well, effortlessly surpassing goals, and having a life that is deeply aligned, rich, fulfilling, and flowing happens as a byproduct of being in the body.  It doesn’t happen from trying, pushing, forcing, yearning, wanting, thinking, or manipulating.  It’s not about anything outside of yourself.  When you come inside and tend to what’s present, everything else naturally falls into place, in the most beautiful of ways.


Your healing and integration IS possible!  It starts with you, and happens in you.  I am here to guide you, to facilitate the process, and to send you off with new wisdoms, tools, and understandings that will help you create the life you want with grace, no matter the circumstances!

I look forward to connecting.


Xo, Jen

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