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Water is a foundation of life.  With our bodies comprised of 60% water, proper hydration is elemental for flushing out toxins, transporting nutrients throughout the body, and facilitating digestion.  


It’s not only quantity that matters, the quality of and intention behind your water plays a big part in the health of your body, mind, and energy.

“Nearly a quarter of the nation’s treatment plants have violated the Safe Water Drinking Act over the last five years.”
—Charles Duhigg, New York Times

Did you know that pharmaceutical chemicals and hormones (56 in total) have been detected in the drinking water of over 41 million Americans? And bottled water isn’t any better:

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Bottled water is detrimental to our planet

In 27 hours, Americans drink enough bottled water to circle the Earth in empty bottles. In one week, we drink enough bottled water to make it halfway to the moon. One point five million tons of plastic waste is produced annually— that’s the equivalent weight of 7,500 whales.

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Bottled water takes a toll on your wallet

The most expensive waters can cost as much as $16 per gallon!

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Bottled water is not necessarily cleaner than tap water

The majority of bottled water is tap water that has been treated and repackaged.  Purified bottled water is almost always acidic and has been stripped of its healthy, naturally occurring minerals.  It’s also harder to absorb — do you ever feel bloated after drinking bottled water? It is less regulated than tap water.  A recent study found flame retardant, disinfectant by-products, chloroform, and plastic additives in bottled water. 

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Consuming the proper
quality and quantity of water:

  • Boosts your brain.  Approximately 80% of the brain is water! Proper hydration helps with mental acuity.

  • Supports the kidneys and liver, helping your body to metabolize fat.

  • Decreases joint pain and damage cause by friction.

  • Helps to effectively remove toxins and waste.

  • Keeps your skin smooth, healthy, and young.

  • Facilitations digestion, elimination, and nutrient absorption. 

  • Increases your energy!  A 1%  drop in cellular hydration equates to a net of 10% loss of metabolic efficiency. 

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  • Reduces inflammation.

  • Protects against free radicals and slows oxidation.

  • Incredibly hydrating and easy to absorb.

  • Clean (tested against 172 contaminants, these water filters remove up to 99.9%) and delicious (the taste is incredible, silky-smooth)!

Contaminant-free alkaline water:

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want to hear more?

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